Why should teachers are giving homework to do, while it improving our learning

In academic teachers are giving Homework's. Most of the students are not done their Homework at home. Commonly students are tried to copy the answer from others. But this habit is very bad habit because teachers are giving Homework because of improving your knowledge. If you copy from others how can you get idea about that work and you feel tough in writing exams.

Teachers are giving homework for improving students learning. After parents the next chance is teacher for caring students. A child learns first from their mother after that they keep touch with their teacher. Receiving homework gives an understudy the other option to get help if essential. On the off chance that an understudy needs help in a specific territory, he or she has the opportunity to approach the educator for help. The understudy won't have the capacity to request that an instructor how accomplish something amid a test. So the understudy can request help and hit the nail on the head, and broadly comprehend it.

Teachers should give Homework because without homework students can't understand the topic properly. Especially in the case of mathematics the problems understand by doing yourself. At class most of the students do with their friends and find out the answer at home no friends and you have to done it with yourself so that you can get doubt or sometimes you can able to solve yourself and find out the answer in the most of the case you feel doubts and you clear it by asking friends or teacher so that at exam time you can easily bale to answer the question without any doubt. If you not doing Homework yourself then at exam time surly you can get more doubts and you can't reach the proper answer.

Homework's are really improving students learning. The academic marks are very important and most of the students feeling tough in academic life. Most of them think that home work is very bad thing and most of the students feel bad in giving home work but actually home is very best solution for improving your knowledge. Homework is not simply giving by teacher, while giving a homework teacher among that your success.

Most of the students are not doing homework they never try it once and simply copy from others. While copy from others you feel happy and but in reality you cheat yourself. If you are not done your homework yourself then you really feel tough in your exam time. If you have any doubts clear it with friends or teacher or your family no problem but don't simply copy from others. While writing your home work yourself, then you can get more concentration and you will get more knowledge than in classroom work.

Classroom work and homework are different. Most of the students think that we already solve the problems in classroom then why teacher give home work and students think that teacher feel boring therefore teacher give home work and those think are not true. Teacher gives home work because teacher love their students and they think about your feature therefore they give homework. At classroom, if teacher solve more works but commonly most of them do it with friend and some of them simply copy from others. By doing this no advantage and students are simply copy and at the time of exam they feel tough surly they can't get the answer. Teachers know it early so that they give home work. At home there is no chance copy from others and the student can ale to understand their fault and they ask with teacher or family and correct the fault. At exam time they can easily bale to answer the question without any doubt and they get best marks for their academic and they can able to touch their academic success.