The reason for teachers force student's to do the task individually

In the academic, teachers are give class work and homework. Most of the teachers are never forgotten to give homework. Many students are not like to do homework, there are many students, and they think that homework is given us for avoiding teachers stress and completing the syllabus fast. Before you avoiding the homework, try to understand that, homework is given only for improving your knowledge. While doing the class work, almost students are not use their brain, most of the students are simply copy from others answer or waiting for teachers solving the problem. Homework trains understudies to work autonomously and create self-control. Homework urges understudies to step up and duty regarding finishing an assignment. Contrast with Class work Homework enables guardians to have a functioning part in their youngster's training and causes them to assess their tyke's advance.

Instructors are constrain understudy's to do the errand individual, since it enhances your kid's reasoning and memory and it enables your kid to create positive investigation abilities and propensities that will work well for him or her all through life. For doing the assignment exclusively, educators give homework, Homework urges your youngster to utilize time astutely. It instructs your kid to work autonomously. Homework encourages your kid to assume liability for his or her work. It enables your youngster to audit and practice what has been canvassed in class. It causes your youngster to prepare for the following day's class. Homework encourages your youngster figure out how to utilize assets, for example, libraries, reference materials, and PC Web locales to discover data. It urges your kid to investigate subjects more completely than classroom time grants. It enables your kid to stretch out learning by applying aptitudes to new circumstances. It enables your kid to incorporate learning by applying a wide range of abilities to a solitary errand, for example, book reports or science ventures. Homework enables guardians to take in more about what your kid is realizing in school. It enables guardians to impart about what he or she is learning and furthermore it urges guardians to start your kid's energy.

At academic, students want to study more. In the syllabus book not only have one subject rather than that students want to study more subjects. All subjects have different teachers, so that only students get different tasks. Deadline is very important. Most of the students are feeling stress in academic writing is because; many of them are not concentrating the academic work. Most of the students are not concentrating the task; they simply copy from others and submit. In class work case most of the students are not do individually, many of them are copy from others. While copy answer from others, you can't understand anything and finally you feel very stress in your exam. Mainly, in the case mathematics subject, while teacher give you to solve a problem, you should solve the problem yourself and don't try to copy from others. Mathematics' is not such easy for students. While teacher give class work, students simply copy the same answer others and don't try to solve the problem. While teacher explaining the mathematics problem, student simply citing and lounging and don't try to solve the problem and copy from others, here while that student solving same problem in exam, they can't able to solve the problem in their exam and it really affects the student academic mark very badly. Teachers are push students to do the academic task individually is because of improving students knowledge.