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Students are mostly worried to write the academic essay because of plagiarism. Plagiarism is making more troubles when we writing essay or research papers. Academic students have a lot works need to do, so they are much stressed to write and complete their academic essay. The essay writing has many steps; the primary step is information gathering and research. Most of plagiarism content getting by these two processes. Students are not interested to write their academic essays. Many problems are seemed when writing essays. Initially they don't know how to start the essay. Secondly they have limited information and skill to write essay. Writing is not an easy task to all kinds of students; some students are a little knowledge to write. Writing of essay needs more time and patience. If you have no abilities to write essay you need to more effort.

Essay writing is starting at topic selection point. You have to find the topic of your essay based on your subject and interest. Topic selection is a simple process but you must give attention on when topic finding. Top must be unique, also select interesting topic based on your taste. You must have some idea and knowledge before selecting essay. If you are taking others topic for your essay, it will seems plagiarism in your essay. Avoid complex topics related to the subject, also understand your reader nature and taste then select topic based on these above explained factors. You must verify two or more time your topic is unique. Information collection and research are the second stage of writing. This point is very important. Plagiarism is coming by through this stage. Most of the students are not check their research information and related data about the essay. Don't add hearing all information, check the root of information after that take into your essay. You can use many methods for collection data, but you must check which is correct or not.

Internet or online sources are commonly used for collecting information. But some problems are there when you are searching information at online, sometimes some websites ad blogs are giving information without proof and conformation. When you taking such types of sources, your never keeps the quality. So give initial preference for your academic library. You will get a lot of information through books, articles, and project reports. When you are entering library, you don't know where to find the information. The librarian will helps you to find the topics; also you can ask your teachers' help for searching information. Before starting your essay neglect unwanted information and sources. Create a draft and write essay based on draft. Writing is very important; students are writing the essay with careless mind so that their essays are including with plagiarisms. When you are writing essay don't use same words, sentences, and quotes in your essay. If you are taking someone's quotes for writing your essay, put apostrophe and mention the quotes in your last page of essay. The last page of essay including with appendix, you can use that mentioning your points. Evidence also important, verify it two times before adding.

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